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We focus our workshops on knowledge sharing. To share with others, things that you´re good at, generates a powerfull feeling inside every soul. We become smarter and we become able to do things we never thought we’d ought to. Come to learn and to share the art you know the best.


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At Hortalegre we understand the necessity for a balanced relationship between three soil aspects, namely the physical, chemical and biological to sustain life. Biological farming is using modern technology and new methods, but uses only those that do not interfere with natural systems and do not cause harm down the road. Dramatically reduces or even


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Ivo Reis, video artist, presents ANIMATEK as the exoskeleton that embraces live performance and creative thinking. The language that understands and defines his work as an artist, crosses the cinema with video art and new media. His artwork emerges from an interflow of ethnographic investigation with digital concepts and workflow. In this journey, artist and


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Forest Soul Gathering is the main gathering created by Kunayala Productions, focused on eco-sustainability with very low CO2 emissions – Our goal this year was to make the 1st festival 100% powered by renewable energy – solar, hydro and wind. However we were not able to realize what we wanted due to distribution problems from


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Created in 2018 by kunayala productions lda, MALTALEGRE was born in order to become a product – MADE IN Montalegre – and to be distributed during our events. As its name indicates, the brand is based in the region of Montalegre. A beautiful natural zone over the mountains, with a huge influence of Celtic civilization.


by FSG on November 18, 2018

Dear Forest Souls  Weekend tickets just came out 👀 ! From Friday, till the end 👽 After having innumerous #forestsouls asking for weekend tickets, we decided to give everyone the opportunity to experience our Gathering. A Gathering of love, where the connection between nature, music, arts, culture and humanity come alive ❤️ Follow us on Instagram for more informations  @kunayalaproductions

Cool Timeline

Feb 09

FSG Teaser Party #1 – Casablanca – Marrocos

FSG Teaser Party #1 – Casablanca – Marrocos

Organized by: Dream Crew Records


Venue: Bar Bouaza

Mar 23

FSG Teaser Paty #2 – Bruxelles, Belgium

FSG Teaser Paty #2 – Bruxelles, Belgium

Organized by: Chronozone & Kunayala


Joyfull Natives
Pete & Pan
Ohm Mind


Venue: TBA

Apr 06

FSG Teaser Party #3 – Paris, France

FSG Teaser Party #3 – Paris, France

For this event, we created a line formed by quality artists from 3 countries: Greece, Portugal, France. Nós seremos acompanhados por ANTONYMOUS, PSYDREAM, GANDHABBA, HIDRA-E, LUTINA DE MADEIRA, MOSIN KAWA, HUMANA & CARDAMOHM!

” Thank you all for this amazing evening! To the artists for their performance always so sensational & to the public for your overflowing energy!”

Manuel Batista:

“Woww, still amazed with this party! Was such an hot night at Glazart, and a big pleasure once again to share the stage with Hydra-E – Reversible Records!

MERCI, OREADES PROD for everything, and to everyone who was there during our set. You really rocked!!

See you at Forest Soul Gathering 2019 ? The Druid’s Calling for another therapy session with Gandhabba & Hydrae”

Apr 20

FSG Teaser Party #4 – Toullouse, France

FSG Teaser Party #4 – Toullouse, France

Organized by: Goa Madness records & Ohm Gathering



Mojo’s Ears


A big thank you and congratulations to the whole team of ChronoZone for making the Forest Soul Gathering travel in toulouse happen .
Thank you for sharing your values, musical taste and for your 3000 % commitment for the forest soul.
Bravo for your motivation and energy spent to reproduce with a lot of quality an audiovisual atmosphere clean at festivals, and after feedback, a welcoming and warm atmosphere ??
Keep going, you have all our support from Portugal, more precisely at the north, and so we invite you from 16 to 22 July to our festival Forest Soul Gathering.
A big thanks to @Nico and @Adri for representing Kunayala Productions in toulouse.

May 11

FSG Teaser Party #5 – London, England

FSG Teaser Party #5 – London, England

Organized by: The Psychedelic Way


The Psychedelic Way presents :
Forest Soul Gathering London Teaser – in one Secret forest in London

And it was another AMAZING @forestsoulgathering teaser party ! This time it was in Londo, where the decor was INSANE, the music quality was on point, and our artists managed to drive everyone into another dimension <3
Thank you to everyone who managed to be there supporting us, and The Psychedelic Way for receiving us the way you guys did ! We’re looking forward for the next one 🙂
On our way to Forest Soul Gathering

Jun 01

FSG Teaser Party #6 – Azores, Portugal

FSG Teaser Party #6 – Azores, Portugal


Ninesense  Gandhabba  UnXp / DJ Slash – Reversible Rec. / Woorpz Rec. 


InSaint,  Psydream,  Gandhabba,  Djane Kalayaan,  ChoiceMaker,  UnXp / DJ Slash – Reversible Rec. / Woorpz Rec.
Epic Blast,  Dj Mind Control,  Francisco Moniz,  Nuno Pessanha


So Proud of our last Teaser party to Forest Soul Gathering 2019 ❂ The Druid’s Calling!

Muito orgulhosos deste último teaser para o
Foram sem dúvida atingidos os objetivos de reduzir a nossa pegada ecológica e que alegria de poder dançar a vontade num dancefloor limpo no meio da natureza!
Obrigada a todos que fizeram parte do evento dos artistas, as orgs e ao público.. mas que bela equipa que fizemos!
Adorei tocar e rockar os decks 
Um grande até já 
UnXp / DJ Slash – Reversible Rec. / Woorpz Rec. u tha besttt 🤘
Djane Kalayaan



Zen Space

Art Gallery