When we arrived to the magic location of Pisões Dam in 2017 we were able to understand that this spot was magical and held huge energy in it. After we organized Forest Soul Gathering 2017 we realized something… The Druid that was asleep in our hill was woke! The energy from the 1st Edition tingled his body and made him emerge from the mountains!
Now the Druid knows that it’s time to spread the message again and he is working with us to put up the most amazing experience ever. An experience of sharing! Sharing knowledge and LOVE!

We appreciate that you are here reading this and that you want to help us on doing this even more magical, to bring your own view and share it with us! We deeply appreciate your will to share with us and help us grow!

We are not looking for big names or image, we are looking for art! We are looking for personal interpretations of reality, the most personal it can become! We want to share feelings! So if you feel like what you are doing is truly art, at least concerning our guidelines, please be our guest and apply to be part of this experience!