Ganeisha vs PsyDream

Dj Set

Dj Ganeisha is Raquel from Portugal. The love for music came quite soon in her life because her father was a dj and so she grew up surrounded by music.
Started working at a rock bar where she mainly mixed rock,metal,indie and 80s music, another kind of tunes that she loves. Psychedelic Trance came into her life in 1998 when she went to her first party where she got instantly in love with this movement, music, energy and all those amazing places and people surrounding her. In 2003 she tries her luck as a dj in a friends party and since then the “mixing bug” stayed in her life. Since then, she has created her path and reputation and became one of the most well known Psytrance female DJs in Portugal.


Psydream is Ana Tavares from Porto, Portugal. Her love for music began very early, and in 2004 she started to be connected with Psy Trance music.
After one year she start going to some small parties organized by friends, and as her love for the trance movement began to grow she also starts to experience the environment of the big parties and the true feeling that music brings to people.

Her first mixing experience was in 2009, just for fun, with her boyfriend Manel – Gandhabba – and was at this time that she began to realize how true was the pleasure of mixing.
After playing around in some small parties she was invited to show her work in big events and now the joy of playing to the crowd makes part of her life.