Gaspard - Forest Soul Gathering 2



Gaspard is older than the internet! His musical journey started with punk and metal, both of which remain predominant forces in his life. He first stumbled upon electronic music back in the early ‘90s, when Eat Static blew his mind at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. From that moment the “psy switch” was flicked on and there was no looking back! He started djing in 1996, and the rest is well…history.. In 2003, Peak Records was born, co-founded by Gaspard and friends Ajja S.F.Leu, Tanina Munchkina and Master Margherita. Gaspard compiled 7 of the label’s 9 Psy Trance compilations, in what has been described as ‘Swiss anti-cheese psychedelic style’! In 2004 Ajja and Gaspard teamed up to form YabYum. Their first album “Nocturnal Emissions” (2006) is still a favourite with many-a freak to this day. Their tracks are in constant demand with releases on international labels across the globe. The duo have recently revitalized the project and are set to build on their already sterling reputation. A long-awaited ep should appear on Sangoma Records in 2018-19. In 2010, after a brief break from the music scene, Gaspard turned his attention to the solo project. His debut EP, « Abra Kada Bom » was released in 2013 on Subsystem Records. The feedback has been overwhelming with a style best described as “hectic psytrance with a sense of humour.” His first solo album “Seems Legit” saw the light in May 2014, on Sangoma Records. 2018 has already been fruitful for Gaspard, with a second EP (Crepuscular Blaterations, Sangoma Records) and the birth of Fralien Eequencies, a collaborative project with Flooting Grooves. This latest venture is the result of a long running friendship with Pierce FG and is set for a debut performance and EP release courtesy of the mighty Sonica Festival. A committed family man, dedicated producer, and all-round psychedelic character: Gaspard has plenty to keep himself busy with over the coming decades!