Kher-Nun vs Val Vashar - Forest Soul Gathering 2

Kher-Nun vs Val Vashar


InSaint aka Rui Mesquita was born August 17, 1991, in Santo Tirso, Oporto. He started interest in electronica music in 2005. The first psyparty he go was in 2007, and after that started the love with this musical style, especially the Dark / Dark Forest / Hi-Tech and Psycore. In 2010 he learned the art of Dj Set and since then has tried to create their history for so many great Psycadelic dancefloor. His musical selection is made with great care, He like to take the dancefloor to a distant dimension in their minds, when imagination is everything, sounds that you can explore your deepest fears and unbelievable becomes real.

Val Vashar is a passionate music lover whose DJ sets are a combination of psy-progressive and techno music. No matter the style he plays, the common  denominator is always deep, twisted and psychedelic soundscape. As label DJ he found his home in Zenon Records. Except for countless smaller and bigger parties, he plays at various international festivals. Although he was involved in many projects during the years, today he works only on Mo:Dem Festival production. Raised on hardcore punk ethics, and deeply rooted in the underground scene, he still applies the same principles to his DJ career and work.