Lab’s Cloud - Forest Soul Gathering 2

Lab’s Cloud


Raul Jordan is the artist behind the Lab’s Cloud project. Born in 1978 in Valencia (Spain). Raúl began producing Psychedelic Trance as PSYCHO ABSTRACT with many compilations and three albums in well-known labels as: Novatekk-Global Trance Network, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Ovnimoon Records, Maharetta Rec, Flying Spores… And after some years, in 2004, Raul starts a new project focused in Ambient & Down Tempo music under the project’s name: LAB’S CLOUD. His style in words of the listeners is: a smooth organic ride, sweet, deep, riding, floating, beautiful and delicious music oriented to chill outs, with space atmospheres, some chilling vocals, some ethnic sounds, ethereal flutes and acoustic recordings (percussion, guitars..etc) that make a sublime fusion that culminates into an aural experience. A definite trip for the soul! The first single “Esmeralda” appears in 2005 in the compilation Chillum 4 (Agitato Records) motivating great interest in many international labels. (All releases bellow). The live performances is a very important item for Lab’s Cloud, for that reason, Raul makes
real live, improvising with synths and adapting the sounds according to the answer of the audience. And also playing some percussions in live.
Since several years, Raúl is working as R+D engineer, developing professional audio processors (EQ, Compressors-Limiters, crossover…) for VMB Española. Actually with his experience as sound engineer is offering his mixing and mastering services (Abstract Studios), who demand it.