Forest Soul Gathering is just one of Kunayala Productions’ Projects and it follows the same guidelines as everything we do. FSG is an event focused on Eco-Responsibility, Alternative Lifestyle, Knowledge Sharing and Psychedelic Culture, Music and Arts appreciation.

Forest Soul, is the principal gathering created by Kunayala Productions. Focused on Eco-Responsability, the final goal is to gather during 5 days without any CO2 emissions.
Located at almost 3000 feet, close to Montalegre (Portugal), we invite you to live an unique experience, in a place where we celebrate the power of gathering, we appreciate psychedelics arts, we share knowledge and we feel in peace.

By car:
  • If you are coming from the south of Portugal, get to Lisbon and take the A41/A42 to Porto in Porto find your way to Braga through A3, and then head to Gerês/Chaves (N103) and keep on that road until you get to Barragem do Alto Rabagão (Pisões)
  • If you are coming from the North of Spain or other country you should head to León in Spain and from there take the A-66 towards Benavente where you pick the A-52 to Xurés/Gerês (take the exit 173), heading to Baltar and then Montalegre. From Montalegre pick the N103 (Direction West) until you arrive on the Barragem do Alto Rabagão.
By Public Bus:
  • If you want to take a Public Bus the only solution is to find your way to Braga and from there take the bus to Montalegre. You shall stop in Pisões and head to the Barragem do Alto Rabagão.
    Timetable: Here
Kunayala Bus:
  • We will have a bus departing from Porto to the Gathering on the 16th of July (14h00) and going back to Porto on the 22nd of July (16h00).
    Roundtrip costs 25€.
    You can buy your ticket @
For you to have the best experience you should bring:
  • Camping Material (Tent, Sleeping Bag, Matress, Etc.)
  • Your ID
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen and fresh clothing for the day !
  • Cash (The closest ATM to the festival site is in Montalegre – 20km)
  • Biodegradable Soap/Shampoo (Please do not throw any chemicals on this land, we are taking care of it and trying to preserve it as much as we can. Besides that we have a Permaculture project fed by the waters of the mountain and the lake is home to several living beings. Pay attention and spread Love, thank you!
We also advice you to bring:
  • Water Pistols/Toys
  • Inflatable Boats/Matress
  • Love, Good Vibes and Understanding
You can’t bring:
  • Glass of any type
  • Weapons
  • Trash and chemical products (shampoo, soap, insecticide, etc.)
We kindly ask you to avoid bringing:
  • Pets (The days are really hot and the sound is too loud, we feel like is not the best environment for our furry friends)
  • Soundsystems
  • National flags or any other symbol that may cause separation

You can expect really hot days (30º-35º) and fresh nights (10º-15º).

We advice you to bring warm cloth for the night so you can be comfortable.

Children of all ages are allowed.

Children with less than 12 years old don’t pay ticket.

The Camping is free and has Showers and Eco-Toilets.

The Camping opens on the 16th of July at 4PM. Please do not arrive before!

If you are around and you don’t know what to do check the Surroundings and you’ll find several nearby beautiful spots to chill before and after the festival.

We have several water points spread through the festival site. There’s no water sold at our gathering.

Unfortunately, we feel that’s really hard to go 100% Eco since there’s flights and transportations involved with the festival.

But all the energy used will be Renewable!