The Gathering is held in the Eco Celtic Park which is a project that is being developed by Kunayala Productions, in partnership with the owners of the land, supported by Montalegre Municipality, near Barragem do Alto Rabagão (Alto Rabagão Dam) in Alturas do Barroso, Montalegre.

Located at almost 3000 feet, we invite you to live an unique experience, in a place where we celebrate the power of gathering, we appreciate psychedelics arts, we share knowledge and we feel in peace.

But there’s more to it, Alturas do Barroso is a zone which was densely populated by the Pre-Celtic Tribes for a long time and has a lot of cultural and physical remains from them like castles, defense walls and “Castros”. Barroso is also designated by UN as an World Agricultural Heritage Zone. Besides all this, we are also one of the zones where the most renewable energies are produced in Portugal, both solar, wind and hydro. With one of the biggest artificial lakes in Portugal, Alto Rabagão takes a big role on energy production and wildfires management.