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We focus our workshops on knowledge sharing. To share with others, things that you´re good at, generates a powerfull feeling inside every soul. We become smarter and we become able to do things we never thought we’d ought to. Come to learn and to share the art you know the best.


by fsg_admin on April 11, 2019

At Hortalegre we understand the necessity for a balanced relationship between three soil aspects, namely the physical, chemical and biological to sustain life. Biological farming is using modern technology and new methods, but uses only those that do not interfere with natural systems and do not cause harm down the road. Dramatically reduces or even


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Ivo Reis, video artist, presents ANIMATEK as the exoskeleton that embraces live performance and creative thinking. The language that understands and defines his work as an artist, crosses the cinema with video art and new media. His artwork emerges from an interflow of ethnographic investigation with digital concepts and workflow. In this journey, artist and


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Forest Soul Gathering is the main gathering created by Kunayala Productions, focused on eco-sustainability with very low CO2 emissions – Our goal this year was to make the 1st festival 100% powered by renewable energy – solar, hydro and wind. However we were not able to realize what we wanted due to distribution problems from


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Created in 2018 by kunayala productions lda, MALTALEGRE was born in order to become a product – MADE IN Montalegre – and to be distributed during our events. As its name indicates, the brand is based in the region of Montalegre. A beautiful natural zone over the mountains, with a huge influence of Celtic civilization.