Hello Forest Souls

We hope that everything is going perfectly with you! It’s time to reveal you the artists that will be narrating the story of our Alternative Stage

Tickets will also be available at Weezevent on the 1st of October.

-1st Pre-Sale Ticket Phase will be limited to 300 special tickets for a friendly price of 70€ (+13% VAT)!

-The 2nd Phase will start as soon as the 1st one solds out and it will be 80€ (+13% VAT) to get a ticket. This phase will finish on the 31st of January or before, if sold out.

-The 3rd Phase will start as soon as the previous Phase finishes until the 1st of July and will cost 90€ (+13% VAT).

– If available, tickets on the entrance will have the value of 100€

*Festival limited to 2500 attendees

We chose to limit our gathering to 2500 attendees mostly because we want to keep the pure and familiar vibe we got in the 1st Edition, as a sign of respect for our land that we don’t want it ever to be overpopulated and also for enhanced comfort and conditions to all the participants.

We get back to you next week,
Much Love Family